Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Spirituality and the Brain

Recent research pinpoints the place in the brain that accounts for some people revealing more traits associated with being spiritual, notably, selflessness. So if you tend to be spiritual and if you ever encounter skeptics who say "That religion/spirituality stuff is all in your head," you can say, "Yes, you're absolutely right.


Scott said...

There's been a lot of research of this sort, showing physiological tendencies toward certain behavior (the study of the "criminal gene", for example...see And it's certainly true that there are chemical and physical effects that can influence our behavior. The key word here is "influence." We still have free will; we don't immediately act on whatever physiological influences we have. This is why the use of psychological, physiological, or chemical tests to predict actual behavior have such poor results.

Processing Counselor said...

Very interesting. I find that meditation is the easiest path to spirituality.