Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gracie's Most Recent Hunting Trip

So from at least one comment I've received, it sounds like there is interest in seeing more Gracie-videos. I guess my opining about world events doesn't hold the same attraction as my Gracie. Don't worry; I'm not offended....I agree. So to satisfy you, my readers, here is another video of Gracie...this time, on a hunt, probably for a rabbit (or maybe the pest of a cat who lives across the street):

Monday, August 18, 2008

Gracie's Birthday Hamburger

Once a year I give Gracie, my beagle, a hamburger for her birthday, which I celebrate around the day she walked into my life, August 9. This year she's probably about 15 years old. We've spent 12 years together, and I can say that every day of those 12 years she has made me laugh!

Each year, I've enjoyed watching her wolf down the celebratory meal. In the past, she would eat the patty and then eat one side of the bun, while she then buried the other half either in the yard or the couch. This year there were a couple of surprises! The celebration took a whole 2'45" (not counting the post-consumption search for more). Here's the video.